The Best Thriller Movies On Netflix Right Now

The Best Thriller Movies On Netflix
The Best Thriller Movies On Netflix

The best thriller movies on Netflix are a favorite of lots of movie-lover. when you have free time and want a little bit of excitement in your house, you can prefer some of the best thriller movies on Netflix. generally, thriller movies and horror movies are in the same category. however, Today we looking for the best thriller movies to get a fun. A good thriller movie can make your heart stop. whereas, we just want to have some fun. Then let’s check the best thriller movies on Netflix.

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Cube (1997)

best thriller movies imdb

Director: Vincenzo Natali

Written by Vincenzo Natali and André Bijelic, Cube is a Canadian Thriller, Sci-Fi, and Mystery movie made in 1997. The film tells us a story of a group of six who awake in a labyrinth and don’t know where are they. Awake in a different place is good, but if it has deadly traps then it’s not so enjoyable. They have to survive the maze in the face of deadly traps by using their brain. One of the best thriller movies on Netflix, Cube, is full of tension and horror scenes.



Blue Ruin (2013)

Director: Jeremy Saulnier

written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier, Blue Ruin is an American thriller, crime, and drama movie made in 2013. The film tells us a story of a man who returns his childhood home and wants to revenge. What he thinks is not going to work, and his life will be turned upside down. Made in 2013, Blue Ruin is one of the best thriller movies on Netflix.


 The Road (2009)

best thriller movies 2017

Director: John Hillcoat

The Road is an American Adventure, Drama, and thriller movie. One of the best thriller-drama movies, The Road tells how the world will be after the apocalypse. fires begin to appear in the world for an unknown reason, and then plants and animals die one by one. There are very few survivors, many of them died of hunger and thirst. İn this difficult situation a man goes south to survive with his son. But various difficulties will be waiting for them during the journey.



The Interview (1998)

The Best Thriller Movies On Netflix

Director: Craig Monahan

The Interview is an Australian Drama, Thriller, and Crime movie made in 1998. The film tells us about A man, taken from his apartment by police and interrogated about a stolen car. At the same time, inner Affairs are exploring officers` behavior and works. But, the officers not be informed of this. The investigation will turn from a stolen car to a murder investigation. No one knows that whom is delinquent right now.


Resolution (2012)

best thrillers on netflix 2018

Director:  Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead

Written by Benson, Resolution is an American Mystery, Thriller, and Horror movie made in 2012. A young man imprisoned his pothead friend in a deserted shack to save him. However, they are unaware of the danger approaching them. While they are struggling with each other, interesting entities begin to circulate around the house, and then they will have big problems as never happened before. Directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, Resolution is the best thriller movie on Netflix.

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