The Best Rated Movies On Netflix

the best rated movies on netflix
the best rated movies on netflix

movies color our lives, we all like watching movies. Netflix is one of the best movies platforms for watching movies. There are thousands of different movies on NetFlix and you have a hard time choosing which movie to watch. This is very normal but you do not worry because we prepared the best-rated movies on Netflix for you. follow us for best movies on Netflix.


13th (2016)

the best movies on netflix
                                                                         the best-rated movies on Netflix

Director: Ava DuVernay

13th, 2016 an American-made documentary film. This film who Directed by Ava DuVernay, describes the American prison system and some injustices. people of Africa origin living in America are being turned into criminals. many black people commit crimes and enter prison. the film tells the why of these events. These people’s extraordinary lives are shared with us in the movie. This film who tells the injustices lived of black people is received with positive comments by audiences and critics. 13th is one of the best-rated movies on Netflix.


Kubo and the Two Strings (2016)

the best rated movies on netflix

Director: Travis Knight

This film who made in 2016, describes the battle between a child named Kubo and the evil spirits. Kubo is a happy child who lives a quiet life. Kubo and his family are unaware of a great danger. Evil spirits coming to revenge will attack this child and his family. kubo who has to fight with monsters and gods must find a magical armor. This magical armor will help him in the battle against evil spirits. Kubo and the Two Strings is one of the best-rated movies on Netflix.


Jackie Brown (1998)

the best-rated movies on netflix

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Jackie Brown who directed by Lawrence Bender and Harvey Weinstein is a crime and thriller style film made in 1998. Jackie Brown is working as a stewardess at American Airlines. Same time he is a courier of a gun trader. The police are aware of this situation. Jackie will lose $ 500,000 of money belonging to the gun merchant that he does business with, and things will go bad for him. he is searched by both cops and gun traders. Jackie Brown is one of best movies on Netflix.



Mudbound (2017)

the best rated movies on netflix

 Director: Dee Rees

Two soldiers who fight for the united state of America in the second world war, they return back to their house in Mississippi. Ronsel Jackson starts to work on a farm. Ronsel is a black-skinned soldier who fought for America. is working at Jamie McAllen who their military friend on the same farm. These two people who have seen the most brutal war will fight racism on this farm. Ronsel Jackson is a black-skinned war hero, but he is excluded and humiliated by the white people around him. Jamie McAllan and Ronsel Jackson will support each other to combat racism. This film who Adapted from Hillary Jordan’s book, is one of the best-rated movies on Netflix.


The Place Beyond the Pines (2013)

the best movies on netflix

Director: Derek Cianfrance

 The Place Beyond the Pines who directed by Derek Cianfrance is a film in the style of love and drama. Luke is very talented in using motorcycles and in some places doing motorcycle shows. Luke who traveling to different cities and making motorcycle shows, meets Romina, ex-girlfriend in the Schenectady region, north of New York, and learns that he has a son. he wants to put his life in order and he starts working at a workplace. But his Robin who close friend, will offer him a very odd offer, and they will do something dangerous together. The place beyond the pines is one of best movies on Netflix.

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