The Best Mystery Movies On Netflix

The Best Mystery Movies On Netflix
The Best Mystery Movies On Netflix

Mystery movies are the best movie genres in the cinema world. If you understand from good movies, mysterious movies are an indispensable element for you. Netflix hosts many mystery films. If you are looking for the best mystery movies on NetFlix you can browse the list I prepared for you. This list has the best mystery movies on Netflix. choose a great movie and enjoy it.

Mulholland Drive (2002)

The Best Mystery Movies On Netflix
                                                           The Best Mystery Movies On Netflix

Director: David Lynch

Mulholland Drive is a film in the style of 2002’s the thriller and mystery. You can often get confused while watching this movie. Betty Elms wants to be a famous actor. The young girl made her way to Hollywood to realize her dream. Here she meets a woman and lives a relationship with him. But there will be a traffic accident on the road to Mulholland, the dream and the reality will be confused. Mulholland Drive is one of the best mystery movies on Netflix.


Zodiac (2007)

best movies on netflix
                                                           The Best Mystery Movies On Netflix

Director: David Fincher

The film tells the story of the capture of a mysterious serial killer. A serial killer named zodiac kills people in San Francisco, but the cops do not find the killer. This serial killer is smarter and faster than ordinary criminals. A lot of cops and detectives are after this killer, but it’s not easy to catch him. The serial killer cannot be caught for years, but a few people are sworn to capture this killer. Zodiac is one of the best movies on NetFlix.


Exam (2009)

The Best Mystery Movies On Netflix

Director: Stuart Hazeldine

The exam is an interesting film in the kind of thriller and mystery. A very large and secret company is looking for the quality worker and they prepare an exam for it. But this exam is very different than the other exams. Participants are placed in a room. then they are given a blank paper and pencil. But does not write any questions on paper. so, there is no question to answer. Participants are astonished by, but they have to pass this test. The exam is one of the best mystery movies on NetFlix.


Sherlock Holmes (2010)

The Best Mystery Movies On Netflix

Director: Guy Ritchie

The film tells about Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson’s adventures. Holmes and Watson are involved in dangerous events. holmes is a very intelligent and talented man. he uses these skills against the bad people. Holmes will struggle against the most dangerous peoples of his country, and they will ruin their bad plans. Sherlock Holmes is one of the best movies on NetFlix.


Memento (2000)

best movies on netflix

Director: Christopher Nolan

The film tells the story of a man named Leonard Shelby. Leonard Shelby is looking for the killer who raped his wife. But Leonard is experiencing short-term memory loss, so sometimes he can even forget where himself is. Leonard is trying to find the killer with some photographs, but forgetfulness is a big problem for him. A tough struggle is waiting for this man. Memento is one of best mystery movies on Netflix.


Oldboy (2004)

The Best Mystery Movies On Netflix

Director: Park Chan-Wook

 Oldboy is a made in 2004 mystery and thriller film. A man named Oh Dae-su is kidnapped on a rainy day. But, Oh Dae-su does not know why he was kidnapped and is unaware of the bad things that will happen. The kidnapped man will be the prisoner in a room for 15 years, but no information will be given about why he was kidnapped. Oh Dae-su will get rid of this room one day and try to catch his enemies. Oldboy is one of the best mystery movies on Netflix.

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