The Best Movies To Watch On Netflix

best movies to watch on netflix
best movies to watch on netflix

There are thousands of movies on platforms like Netflix, Hulu and amazon prime. NetFlix is an ideal platform for watching a good movie and it contains many beautiful movies. If you are looking for the Best Movies To Watch On Netflix, you’re in the right place. we made list some of the best movies to watch on Netflix. You can choose and watch a beautiful movie from our list. Follow us for best movies on Netflix. 

Milk (2008)

best movies on netflix
                                                                   The Best Movies To Watch On Netflix

Director: Gus Van Sant

The film who directed by Gus Van Sant, tells the story of a gay man named Harvey Milk. This man is the first gay person to succeed in entering the parliament in 1977. he confessed that he was fearlessly homosexual. Harvey Milk is loved by the Americans and is also seen as a hero. Harvey will fight for gay rights and tells us the importance of fighting for a purpose. harvey milk is one of the greatest advocates of gay rights in American history. Milk is one of the best movies to watch on NetFlix. The film won both the Academy Award and the most original script award.


Armageddon (1998)

Best Movies To Watch On Netflix
                                                                 Best Movies To Watch On Netflix

Director: Michael Bay

Armageddon who directed by Michael Bay is a science fiction film made in 1998. The film is about a meteor disaster come to the world from space. New York is damaged by small meteorites, but a much greater danger is approaching. Nasa is doing research on this subject and to notice a giant meteor approaching the world. İf this giant meteor that is approaching the world is not stopped, humanity will suffer great harm. many people will compete over time to stop this meteor. Scientists should prepare a plan to solve this problem. Armageddon that made in 1998 is one of the best movies on Netflix. The film directed by Michael Bay is more beautiful than many films made in 1988.


The Babadook (2014)

best scary movies on netflix

Director: Jennifer Kent

Babadook who directed by Jennifer Kent is a horror and thriller film made in 2004. The film, tells the horror-filled events lived of a woman named Amelia. Amelia who losing her husband six years ago, living alone with her son. Amelia has a very normal life, but a tale book will change her life. she finds a strange book called Babadook among his son’s books one day. Amelia reads this book, and after reading it mysterious events begin to live. The Babadook is one of best Movies To Watch On Netflix.


Bernie (2011)

best movies on netflix

Director: Richard Linklater

The film who directed by Richard Linklater is a film about the American-made crime and comedy. Bernie lives in a small town in Texas. bernie who works at the funeral home is one of the townspeople’s favorite people. he is helping everyone in need and is a good example to other people. The film tells the life story of this man’s. Marjorie Nugent is a cranky and widowed woman. Bernie starts helping her in bank business. after a while, Bernie will kill this woman. The townspeople will are very surprised to death of Marjorie. Bernie is one of best comedy movies on Netflix.


Beasts of No Nation (2015)

best movies to watch on netflix

Director: Cary Fukunaga

Beasts of No Nation who directed by Cary Fukunaga is a drama and war film that made in 2015. The film tells the story of African child soldiers. A child named Agu is forcibly taken from his family and forced to fight in the civil war. The war between the army and the rebels made life hard for all the children and families in Africa. a rebel group that slaughtered civilians, began to commit massacres with children in the leadership of a dangerous man named Idris Elba. African innocent children are transformed into killers and their lives are only spent with the war. Beasts of No Nation is one of best movies on Netflix.


Gomorrah (2008)

best movies to watch on netflix

Director: Matteo Garrone

Gomorrah is one of the best mafia movies of recent years. The film was transferred to the cinema from Roberto Saviano’s novel. İn the film, tells the story of a man fighting with Camaro, a criminal gang in Italy. Gomorrah is one of Italy’s most brutal mafia leaders. Some guys workings on his behalf are helping his dirty work. This illegal organization is making money from all kinds of illegal works. İt is also known that about four thousand people have been killed by this organization to date. The events described in the film are adapted from real life. This film is one of best movies on Netflix.

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