The Best Drama Movies on Netflix


Crying is something that in nature of human. And this sometimes can be relaxing for us all. you can watch a beautiful drama film when you want to cry and relax. It is possible to cry with the best drama movies on NetFlix. There are many drama films on NetFlix but you are looking for the best. Finding the best drama movies on Netflix can be difficult. But don’t worry about it. we made the list of the best drama movies on Netflix for you. Follow for the best movies on Netflix.

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The Imitation Game (2014)

Director: Morten Tyldum

 The Imitation Game that made in the year 2014, tells a true story lived during the world war II. Alan Turing is one of the most important mathematicians of England. In the film, Alan Turing and a few mathematicians are trying to solve the Enigma code used by the Nazis. This is a very difficult business, but if they succeed, Britain can win the war. Alan Turing and his friends are in a very difficult job because the war is ongoing and thousands of people are dying. The future of the country and of many people depends on these men. The Imitation Game is one of the best drama-thrillers movies on NetFlix.



Nightcrawler (2014)

Director: Dan Gilroy

The film that made in 2014, tells the story of a man named Lou Bloom. Lou is a very ambitious man who does dangerous things for his career. Lou takes video of dangerous events and sells those videos to news channels. He will soon start working on important news channels but he will turn into a very bad man to make money. Nightcrawler is one of best drama movies on Netflix. This film is a successful thriller and drama film that has been positively interpreted by many.



Queen of Katwe (2016)

Director: Mira Nair

 This film that made in 2016 reflects a true story to the world of cinema. A girl named Phiona which 10 years old, living in the Katwe region, is trying to survive to great difficulties. A man named Robert Katende who loves to teach chess goes to the city where this girl lives. Robert Katende will change this girl’s life. Thanks to Robert, Phiona will be one of the most important chess masters of Uganda and will help his family. İt is a great success to be successful while living a difficult life. Queen of Katwe that made American, is one of best drama movies on Netflix.

Braveheart (1995)

Director: Mel Gibson

Braveheart who directed by Mel Gibson, is an American film made in the year 1995. Braveheart that one of the best drama movies on NetFlix, tells the life of William Wallace, the famous Scottish folk hero. In 1280’s, King of England Edward “Patrick McGoohan” occupied most of Scotland. The main purpose of William Wallace is to live a quiet life by farming. but he will do great things to ward off his country and his people.


My Left Foot (1989)

Director: Jim Sheridan

Chris Brown who born with a bad illness lives a really very difficult life. he can not control her movements due to Chris disease and she has to live in a wheelchair until he dies. But he can control his left foot and he sees his left foot as a blessing. Chris’s left foot is a huge hope for him. Chris will survive with the left foot and will achieve the impossible. The film is adapted from Christy Brown’s my left foot book and is based on real events. my left foot is one best drama movies on Netflix.



The Way Back (2010)

Director: Peter Weir

The Way Back is an American drama movie made in the year 2010. The film, tells the story of a group of prisoners who escaped from the Siberian captive camp in Soviet Russia in 1940. The Way Back that adapted from the book ‘The Long Walk’, is a really strange movie. In the film, a few men go on a great escape journey to survive. Since the release of the movie, many people have begun to investigate this phenomenon. The Way Back that highly acclaimed by audiences is one of the best drama movies on NetFlix.

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