The Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

The Best comedy movies On Netflix
The Best comedy movies On Netflix


NetFlix is a worldwide film platform and hosts hundreds of comedy films. If you are looking for a nice movie to have a little fun and laugh, it’s the right place. we made a list of the best comedy movies on NetFlix for you today. You can watch these movies to cheer yourself up. To be happy and smile is one of the most beautiful things in this world :)) follow us for best movies on Netflix.


Tropic Thunder (2008)

The Best comedy movies On Netflix
                                                                     The Best comedy movies On Netflix

Director: Ben Stiller

2008-made Tropic Thunder is a film in action and comedy style. The film, tells the funny events that a group of actors has experienced. Actors are preparing for the Vietnam film but a danger they have not anticipated is approaching them. Actors will be training for two weeks in camp at Dale Dyle. The actors who are prepared for the war film will inadvertently enter into a real battle but they think that everything is part of the film. Tropic Thunder is one of best comedy movies on Netflix.


High School Musical (2006)

The Best comedy movies On Netflix
                                                       The Best comedy movies On Netflix

Director: Kenny Ortega

High School Musical is a musical comedy film made in 2006. The film who made by Kenny Ortega appeals to the young audience. Troy is a very talented student on the basketball but he unaware of his ability to sing. Troy sings with a girl named Gabriella one night and they fall in love with each other. After that day, there will be some changes in the life of Troy and Gabriella. Gabriella is very good at mathematics but she will participate in music selections with Troy. Together they will go after their dreams and nobody will stop them. High School Musical is one of best comedy movies on Netflix.


The Overnight (2015)

The Best comedy movies On Netflix

Director: Patrick Kack-Brice

The overnight who directed by Patrick, tells interesting events living among a group of friend. Alex and Emily are a happy family and they have newly moved to Los Angeles. But, they feel lonely in this big city and start looking for new friends. In a park near their home, a man named Kurt invites them to the pizza party and they gladly accept this offer. Alex and Emily will go to the party after their children have slept the night and there will be interesting events. The Overnight is one of best movies on Netflix.


Magic Mike (2012)

The Best comedy movies On Netflix

Director: Steven Soderbergh

The film tells the story of a male striped dancer. Mike Martingano is a young and handsome striptease dancer. He always wanted to be a furniture designer but he does this job right now. Mike is the most money-winning male dancer in the state of California and many women very love him. Mike will teach secrets of this job to a young man who new starter to this job. This movie in comedy and drama style is one of the best movies on Netflix.


Amelie (2001)

the best movies on netflix

Director: Jean Pierre Jeunet

Amelie is a French-made romantic comedy film. This French comedy movie invites us to meet a young and special woman. This film tells the story of Amelia who a good-hearted woman who has lost her parents. amelia, devote herself to repairing other people’s lives and making them happy. But she feels unhappy and lonely. Amelia will find a box in her house and she will want to take it to her owner. This event will change his life. This award-winning film is one of the best comedy-drama movies on NetFlix.



Masterminds (2016)

The Best comedy movies On Netflix

Director: Jared Hess

The film who directed by Jared Hess tells the events lived of a man who committed a major crime. David Scott works as a driver in a company called Loomis Fargo & Company. he carries a high amount of cash with an armored vehicle and is obliged to protect that money. David likes his colleague Kelly and will make a big robbery for Kelly. david will be deceived by Kelly and things will not go well for her. Masterminds are one of best comedy movies on Netflix.


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