Funny Movies On Netflix 2017

best movies on netflix
best movies on netflix

Funny movies are one of the indispensable film genres in NetFlix. A beautiful comedy movie can make you very happy. There are thousands of funny movies on Netflix 2017. Finding the best comedy movies on NetFlix can be a little tricky for you. But do not worry, we’ve listed some of the best funny movies on NetFlix for you. You can have fun with these funny movies. Follow us for the best movies on Netflix.

Hot Fuzz (2007)

funny movies on netflix 2017
                                                                                  funny movies on Netflix 2017

Director: Edgar Wright

The film directed by Edgar Wright is an action-comedy film made in 2007. Nicholas is London’s most famous and talented cop. He is a person who has caught more criminals than other police officers and proved himself. Over time the other cops start to jealous this cop and So Nicholas is transferred to another state. Nicholas starts to work in a village where named Sandford that crime rate is very low. İn this place, a fat cop named Danny Butterman and Nicholas will work together. At first, everything is normal but there will be suspicious events. Hot Fuzz is one of best funny movies on Netflix for 2017.


Heathers (1988)

best movies on netflix
                                                                                  funny movies on Netflix 2017

Director: Michael Lehmann

Heathers is an American comedy film made in 1988. The film tells living events among a few girls at school. Heather, I Heather II and Heather III are the richest and most popular girls in the school. Veronica is a smart girl and she makes friends with these three girls. But Veronica starts to hate them because of their conceit. Meanwhile, Veronica meets with a boy named Christian and she is starting to make dangerous plans to destroy these girls. The film is one of the best comedy films of the 98s.


Little Evil (2017)

funny movies on netflix 2017

Director: Eli Craig

Little Evil is an American comedy-horror movie. Gary wants to get married and be happy. He lives many failed relationships over the years. But one day he meets a woman named Samantha. Gary and Samantha are getting married, but Samantha has a 5-year-old son named Lucas. Gary wants to get along well with his stepson. At first, everything seems to be normal but Lucas is not a normal child. Little Evil is one of the latest comedy horror films on Netflix.



I love you man (2008)

best funny movies on netflix 2017

Director:  John Hamburg

I love you, man is American romantic comedy film. Peter Klaven is a successful real estate agent and will marry the love of his life. But Peter does not have a close friend and he needs a Grossman for his wedding. Because of this, Peter starts to make many friends for the wedding. This film about the friendship between men is one of the best films on Netflix.


Burn After Reading (2008)
funny movies on netflix 2017
                                                                                  funny movies on Netflix 2017

Director: Joel Coen & Ethan Coen

Burn After Reading is a comedy film made in 2008. This film that directed by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, tells about the events of an agent from the CIA. Ozzie Cox is fired by the CIA on the grounds he is alcoholic. Ozzie records some confidential information on a CD to get revenge. but this CD will be a very problem for him. Some people will blackmail Ozzie with this CD and things will get complicated. Burn After Reading is one of best Funny Movies On Netflix 2017.



Masterminds (2016)

best movies on netflix

Director: Jared Hess

Mastermind is an action-comedy film made in 2016. The film that directed by Jared Hess, tells full of crime and comedy story of a man named David. David Scott is a car driver at a firm named Loomis Fargo & Company. This company carries cash money and these are the responsibility of David. A woman named Kelly is working with David in the same company, and David is in love with this woman. One day Kelly and David will commit a major crime together. Masterminds are one of best movies on Netflix.

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