The Best Movies on Netflix

best movies on netflix
best movies on netflix


If you are looking for the best movies on Netflix, The follow us…

There are hundreds of movies on NetFlix.Do not worry if you can not decide which one to watch.we made the Best Films list on Netflix for you. These movies are the top rated movies on Netflix.


 1) The Pursuit of  Happyness

Director:  Gabriele Muccino

This movie is based on real events.salesperson Chris Gardner is abandoned by his wife.Chris is a salesperson but has financial problems.Chris has a really hard life.many people cried while watching this movie.a movie that’s really worth watching.The pursuit of happyness, One of the best movies on NetFlix.


Men in Black

best movies on netflix
                                                                                                                              best movies on Netflix

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld

This film is about action and comedy style.Two agents working for the government protect the world. These men, agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith).In film adapted from the comic book, two agents using high-tech weapons protect humanity from aliens.In this film adapted from the comic book, there are time machines, laser guns and the latest technological equipment.



best movies on netflix

Director:  David Fincher

zodiac, a ruthless serial killer.but zodiac is not his real name this is just a nickname.The zodiac is constantly murdering, but the cops can not catch it. serial killer, mocking with messages encrypted with cops.Zodiac movie succeeded in entering the 21st Century Best Movies list in 2016.


Forrest Gump

best movies on netflix
                                                                                                                                            best movies on Netflix

Director:  Robert Zemeckis

forrest gump, someone with low IQ.But he is a physically talented person.Has quickly become recognized by the world as a result of its physical abilities.The movie, tells about events that forrest gump is experiencing.This film has won many awards and has received great attention.forrest gump, is one of the best films of all time.


Ip Man

The Best Movies on Netflix
                                                                                                                                      The Best Movies on Netflix

Director: Wilson Yip

In the 1930’s there are various martial arts schools in China.These schools are constantly competing with each other.Ip man is a teacher using the Wing Chun fighting technique.Ip man is a really strong warrior and at the same time teacher of Bruce Lee.For those who love martial arts movies, this movie is really beautiful.Ip Man is definitely the best fighting movie on Netflix.


The Matrix

The Best Movies on Netflix

Director: Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski

Matrix is an impressive science fiction film.Thomas Anderson is a hacker working in the software company.this guy’s code name is Neo.neo learns that the world is not real and that it is just a simulation in its brain.Events start at this exact point.machines with artificial intelligence have captured mankind.This film has grossed $ 171,479,930 in the US.Matrix, Netflix is one of the best films.

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