Best Movies On Netflix Right Now


NetFlix is hosting to action films, comedy films, horror movies and much more. There are many old and new films. İf you are looking for the best films to watch, we’ve prepared for you a list of the best movies on NetFlix right now. Follow us for Best Movies On Netflix Right Now…

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Long Shot (2017)

Directors: Jacob LaMendola

The long shot is a great documentary film. Small details are really important in this documentary. Small details can sometimes change or ruin your life. A man is arrested for murder but claims to be innocent. All the evidence shows that this man is guilty. The man will try to prove that he is innocent with very little evidence. Long Shot, is one of the Best Movies On Netflix Right Now.



Memento (2000)

Director: Christopher Nolan

Leonard Shelby is a man living short-term memory loss. Leonard is staying in cheap hotel rooms but has a recent model Jaguar. he looks like a businessman from the outside. The only goal of this man is to take revenge from the man who killed his wife. But forgetfulness is a huge problem for him. Memento, one of the most watched and acclaimed films in cinema history, is one of the best movies on Netflix.


Zootopia (2016)

Zootopia is an animated film made by Disney in the mystery, crime and comedy style. The film tells an interesting crime story. Zootopia is an advanced city where animals live in happiness and peace. Judy Hopps is a rabbit who lives in zootopia and wants to be a cop. Judy will register with the police academy, but one day she will have to cooperate with a dishonest fox. Zootopia is one of the best-animated movies on NetFlix right now.


The Queen (2006)

Director: Stephen Frears

This film is based on real events. princess Diana has a traffic accident in Paris and dies. This sudden death affects the entire royal family. The queen and her family will consider mourning at Balmoral Castle for a while. However, after the death of the princess, the royal family awaits tough days. The people who are sad after the death of the princess are waiting for the queen to make a statement. The Queen is one of the best drama movies on Netflix.


It Follows (2015)

Director: David Robert Mitchell

It Follows is a film in American made horror-thrill style. Jay Height loves to have fun and spend time with his friends. Jay finds himself in an unconscious state after having sexual intercourse with a man she loves one day. Fear and tension start right here. When Jay wakes up, he sees a supernatural creature follow him and tries to get rid of it. It Follows, is one of the Best rated movies On Netflix right now.


Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)

Director: Eli Craig

The film tells Tucker and Dale about the funny things they’ve been through on the mountain house. Tucker and Dale going to the mountain house for a good holiday. But when they are there they encounter with a group of university preparatory students. These students will be trouble for them. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil are one of best comedy movies on Netflix.

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